These trials completed more than 12 months ago and should have reported results. Some have, some have not.

These trials are not yet due to report results: some are ongoing, some completed within the past 12 months.

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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Not reported 2004-002304-16 The STARS (STeroids Against Re-Stenosis) Trial 2012-10-19 due-trials
Ongoing, reported early 2004-002734-19 Do the drugs that are normally used to treat low blood pressure during Caesarean section affect spread of spinal anaesthesia? not-yet-due
Reported results 2005-003513-32 A Randomised controlled trial to compare the efficacy of two types of local anaesthetic blocks in carpal tunnel decompression surgery 2006-03-31 due-trials
Reported results 2006-002565-39 Effects of the Modification of the Daily Flow Rate with a Constant Daily Dose on Patient's Reported Analgesia in Intathecal Therapy 2009-06-25 due-trials
Reported results 2009-012928-89 Intrathecal injection of a single dose of Ziconotide (PrialtĀ®) to evaluate the option of continuous administration via implanted pump. A Pilot Study 2011-06-14 due-trials
Ongoing 2010-020087-38 Comparison of the Effects of Intermittent Boluses to Simple Continuous Infusion on Patient Global Perceived Effect in Intrathecal Therapy for Pain. not-yet-due
Reported results 2010-020499-50 Changes in bone density and bone turnover in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with rituximab, a B cell depleting monoclonal antibody. An investigator-led, industry supported, multicentre, op... 2013-08-30 due-trials
Ongoing 2017-001094-16 Preventing cardiac damage in patients treated for breast cancer and lymphoma: a phase 3 Randomised, Open label, blinded endpoint, trial of enalapril to prevent Anthracycline-induced CardioToxicity (PR... not-yet-due
Ongoing 2017-002876-26 Telomerase ACTivator to reverse Immunosenescence in Acute Coronary Syndrome: a double-blind, phase II, pilot randomised controlled trial (TACTIC) not-yet-due