These trials completed more than 12 months ago and should have reported results. Some have, some have not.

These trials are not yet due to report results: some are ongoing, some completed within the past 12 months.

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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Ongoing 2004-005222-41 Intrathecal Morphine for pain management in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery: The optimal dose? not-yet-due
Not reported Terminated 2005-001027-11 Diabetes in the Very Elderly Trial 2009-08-05 due-trials
Not reported 2010-020466-18 Can periarticular knee injection of multimodal agents Levobupivicaine, Morphine, Ketorolac and adrenaline improve postoperative pain and function following primary total knee arthroplasty? 2011-07-12 due-trials
Reported results 2013-002439-10 Perioperative Analgesia for Knee Arthroplasty: A prospective randomised controlled trial 2016-11-30 due-trials
Not reported Terminated 2014-000682-50 Facet-joint injections for people with persistent non-specific low back pain (FIS) 2016-04-30 due-trials
Ongoing 2015-002357-35 Anticoagulants for Living FoEtuses in women with recurrent miscarriage and inherited thrombophilia : ALIFE 2 not-yet-due
Not reported 2016-001120-54 Does the DPP4 Inhibitor (Sitagliptin) Increase Endometrial Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Women with Recurrent Miscarriage? 2017-12-19 due-trials