These trials completed more than 12 months ago and should have reported results. Some have, some have not.

These trials are not yet due to report results: some are ongoing, some completed within the past 12 months.

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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Not reported 2004-005035-26 Methadone in chronic non-cancer pain: rotation from other opioids and choice of dose 2009-10-29 due-trials
Listed as ongoing, but also has a completion date 2005-002003-17 High-dose therapy with autologous stem cell support in first line treatment of mantle cell lymphoma - Yttrium-90-ibritumomab tiuxetan in combination with BEAM or BEAC to improve outcome for patients n... 2015-04-13 bad-data
Exempt 2006-001128-38 DNA Vaccine Coding for the Rhesus Prostate Specific Antigen (rhPSA) and Electroporation in Patients with Relapsed Prostate Cancer. A Phase I/II Study not-yet-due
Completed, but no date Terminated 2006-002275-40 Prospective study of patients treated with pegylated interferon-alpha 2b (PegIntron) for metastasizing ileal/coecal carcinoids bad-data
Ongoing 2006-005239-32 Fosfodiesterashämmares akuta hemodynamiska effekter vid pulmonell hypertension och utvärdering av kväveoxid mätningar som icke-invasiv diagnostisk metod not-yet-due
Ongoing 2007-005109-23 Low-Dose Hormone Therapy Initiated early after Menopause and Changes in Artery Wall Composition (AWC), as Assesssed by High-Frequency Ultrasound. not-yet-due
Ongoing 2008-002636-15 Study on the treatment of therapy-resistant enuresis with desmopressin and reboxetine; a randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, cross-over study not-yet-due
Completed, but no date Terminated 2008-003594-41 An open label, multi-centre study of pasireotide LAR in addition to chemotherapy in patients with non-functioning, endocrine pancreatic tumors bad-data
Listed as ongoing, but also has a completion date 2008-006802-40 A PHASE II STUDY WITH OXALIPLATIN + 5FU + CETUXIMAB AND RADIOTHERAPY 2017-06-15 bad-data
Ongoing 2009-016993-34 EUropean Pharmacogenetics of AntiCoagulation Therapy trial not-yet-due
Ongoing 2010-021061-72 To evaluate the safety and efficacy of a single subconjunctival injection of methylprednisolone versus standard postoperative steroid regiment in terms of intraocular inflammation and intraocular pres... not-yet-due
Reported results 2011-001481-18 Uncemented total hip implant and subcutaneous injection of Denosumab for patients with osteoarthritis of the hip. A randomised double blind placebo controlled study on the effects on bone evaluated wi... 2017-03-30 due-trials
Ongoing 2011-001998-10 An International Randomized Phase II Study Comparing Early Electrochemotherapy to Delayed or No Electrochemotherapy in Patients with Cutaneous Breast Cancer Metastases not-yet-due
Not reported 2011-004636-66 Single-blinded randomized trial of Botulinumtoxin A (Vistabel®) and its objective paralytic effect in the facial muscles of healthy women: development of new neurophysiological measurements. 2012-12-10 due-trials
Completed, but no date, and reported results Terminated 2012-005481-35 A controlled, randomized, assessor blinded, open-label study to investigate whether initiation of everolimus will reduce the incidence of developing a new Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) and other malig... bad-data
Listed as ongoing, but also has a completion date and reported results 2013-001178-20 Cardiovascular (CV) risk prediction and CV biomarkers in renal transplant recipients treated with belatacept compared to calcineurin inhibitors (CNI). 2018-09-13 bad-data
Ongoing 2014-005174-11 A randomized, double-blinded placebo-controlled, paralleled designed, investigator sponsored study of the effect of the GLP-1 receptor agonist liraglutide on beta-cell function in C-peptide positive t... not-yet-due
Ongoing 2016-004106-34 PERSISTENCE OF MAJOR MOLECULAR REMISSION IN CHRONIC MYELOID LEUKEMIA AFTER a second stop of TKI TREATMENT in patients who failed an initial stop attempt: A prospective multicenter study . not-yet-due
Completed, report not yet due 2017-001646-10 Anesthesia Induced Hormonal Oliguria Trial 2020-06-01 not-yet-due
Exempt 2018-001115-73 A Phase I/II, 2-Arm, Open Label, Single Centre Study to Investigate the Safety and Effect of Oral GABA Therapy on β-cell Regeneration in Type 1-diabetes Patients not-yet-due
Ongoing 2018-004623-36 A MolEcularly Guided Anti-Cancer Drug Off-Label Trial not-yet-due
Ongoing 2019-000256-33 A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of Rituximab in patients with Psychosis and/or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, with an indication of immune system involvement not-yet-due
Ongoing 2019-000953-30 Effects of phenoximetylpenicillin, amoxicillin and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid on the gut microbiota of healthy volunteers: a randomized clinical trail not-yet-due