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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Reported results 2004-002170-34 "Ensayo clínico controlado randomizado sobre el tratamiento precoz con insulina en recién nacidos de muy bajo peso" 2010-02-15 due-trials
Reported results 2005-000534-20 Influence of brain tissue pH regulation on cerebral oxygenation and metabolism in patients with severe traumatic brain injury. 2005-04-01 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2005-001496-35 A single centre, randomised controlled, open label study of rituximab as induction therapy in kidney transplantation. 2008-09-10 due-trials
Reported results 2005-001698-89 Molecular profiling of postmenopausal women with breast cancer on neoadjuvant exemestane or tamoxifen 2014-07-22 due-trials
Reported results 2005-002207-16 A randomised controlled trial of Myfortic versus Mycophenolate Mofetil in the treatment of multi-system autoimmune disease. 2007-10-20 due-trials
Reported results 2005-002305-23 A pilot study of combination monoclonal antibody treatment in early active relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis using Campath-1H and its non-binding form, SM3. 2009-10-10 due-trials
Not reported 2005-003182-16 Blood Pressure Optimisation In Patients With Polycystic Kidney Disease And Hypertension By Rotation Through The Main Therapeutic Classes Of Antihypertensive Drugs. 2008-10-21 due-trials
Reported results 2005-003610-15 An International, randomised, open trial comapring a rituximab based regimen with a standard cyclophosphamide/azathioprine regimen in the treatment of 'generalised' ANCA associated vasculitis. 2010-04-12 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2005-004526-72 A randomised controlled study of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy compared to conventional bolus insulin treatment in preschool aged children with Type 1 diabetes. 2006-11-03 due-trials
Reported results 2005-005295-32 Trial in rheumatoid arthritis of lisinopril (TRALIS) 2009-03-16 due-trials
Reported results 2005-005809-38 Does prophylactic N acetylcysteine reduce the incidence of contrast nephropathy in patients undergoing peripheral angiography 2008-04-01 due-trials
Reported results 2006-000277-30 Simvastatin in Aneurysmal Subarachnoidal Haemorrhage (STASH): a multicentre randomized controlled clinical phase III study 2014-01-10 due-trials
Reported results 2006-000637-35 double blind crossover compariosn of diuretics in young patients with low-renin hypertension 2008-02-19 due-trials
Listed as ongoing, but also has a completion date and reported results 2006-001663-33 A randomised clinical trial of mycophenolat mofetil versus cyclophosphamide for remission induction in ANCA associated vasculitis 2013-02-14 bad-data
Not reported Terminated 2006-004796-35 A study of effect of epidural clonidine on postoperative pain relief, hyperalgesia and chronic pain in patients undergoing colorectal surgery 2009-07-16 due-trials
Reported results 2006-005046-37 COUGAR-02: A randomised phase III study of docetaxel vs active symptom control in patients with relapsed oesophago-gastric adenocarcinoma 2013-11-28 due-trials
Other 2006-005505-64 A Randomised Trial Evaluating the VEGF Inhibitor, Bevacizumab (Avastin), as Adjuvant Therapy following Resection of AJCC Stage IIB (T3bN0M0 & T4aN0M0), IIC (T4bN0M0) and III (TxN1-3M0) Cutaneous Mel... not-yet-due
Reported results 2007-000087-25 An open label pilot study of Zoledronate (Aclasta 5mg iv) in the treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis 2010-10-29 due-trials
Reported results 2007-002730-11 Magnetic resonance (MR) angiography with a blood pool contrast medium. 2010-11-30 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2007-004144-74 A comparison of the effects of insulin Detemir with insulin Glargine on weight gain in female adolescents and young adults with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) on a basal bolus regime 2016-12-23 due-trials
Reported results 2007-005655-42 STUDY TITLE: - Early Metabolic Changes with Thiazide or Beta blocker Therapy for Essential Hypertension – open label extension phase with the potassium sparing diuretic- Amiloride. 2010-02-08 due-trials
Reported results 2007-007673-23 Evaluation of carotid atheroma with contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging 2012-03-31 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2008-000252-28 A Multi-Centre Prospective Controlled Trial Comparing Calcineurin Inhibitor Monotherapy With Sirolimus Monotherapy in Hepatitis C Infected Patients with Hepatic Fibrosis Following Liver Transplantatio... 2012-07-17 due-trials
Reported results 2008-000300-89 The effects of sitagliptin (Januvia) on myocardial performance in patients with coronary artery disease and diabetes 2010-06-01 due-trials
Reported results 2008-002322-11 ARTemis : Avastin® Randomised Trial with nEo-adjuvant cheMotherapy for patients wIth early breaSt cancer 2015-05-20 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2008-006161-84 ARTiST - Aromasin Randomised Trial +/- Sutent as neoadjuvant Therapy for post-menopausal women with breast cancer. 2010-06-05 due-trials
Reported results 2008-008476-14 A Pharmacokinetic Study of Adjuvant Capecitabine in Patients who have undergone Proximal Pancreatico-Duodenectomy for Resection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma 2012-08-16 due-trials
Reported results 2009-009421-29 Non - invasive assessment of inflammatory burden in small abdominal aortic aneurysms: A USPIO - enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) study 2012-03-18 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2009-009908-39 A pharmacokinetic study of capecitabine in patients undergoing peri-operative chemotherapy and a total gastrectomy for adenocarcinoma of the stomach 2013-10-23 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2009-011523-31 A study of the immune response to vaccination in MS patients treated with alemtuzumab 2011-07-28 due-trials
Reported results 2009-013220-24 Intercambio plasmático y dosificación de glucocorticoides en el tratamiento de la vasculitis asociada a anticuerpos anticitoplasma de neutrófilos (ANCA): estudio multicéntrico aleatorizado y controlad... 2017-07-31 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2009-014491-21 Neoadjuvant docetaxel prior to radical prostatectomy for high risk localised prostate cancer. Evaluation of biological and functional imaging surrogates of therapy efficacy. 2013-06-06 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2009-015916-16 A Comparison of Postural and Ibopamine Challenges between Progressive and Non-Progressive Glaucoma Patients 2011-08-24 due-trials
Reported results 2009-016743-18 A feasibility study of indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescence mapping for sentinel lymph node detection in early breast cancer 2012-03-14 due-trials
Reported results 2009-017087-17 Alemtuzumab for ANCA-Associated Refractory Vasculitis - A study of safety and efficacy (ALEVIATE). 2018-05-29 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2010-018776-24 Proof of mechanism study of an oral hedgehog inhibitor (GDC-0449) in patients with resectable pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in the pre-operative window period. 2012-08-09 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2010-019602-16 A study of lapatinib in combination with oxaliplatin and capecitabine in early HER-2 overexpressing oesophageal and gastric cancers 2013-10-16 due-trials
Reported results 2012-001102-14 An international, open label, randomised controlled trial comparing rituximab with azathioprine as maintenance therapy in relapsing ANCA-associated vasculitis 2019-11-29 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2012-001889-14 MicroBubble detection and Ultrasound guided Biopsy of axillary Lymph nodes in patients with Early breast cancer. 2015-09-23 due-trials
Reported results 2013-001868-40 Scheduling nab-paclItaxEl with GEmcitabine (SIEGE): Randomised phase II trial to investigate two different schedules of nab-paclitaxel (Abraxane) combined with gemcitabine as first line treatment for ... 2017-03-27 due-trials
Other 2015-003060-37 UK P3BEP - A randomised phase 3 trial of accelerated versus standard BEP chemotherapy for patients with intermediate and poor-risk metastatic germ cell tumours not-yet-due
Other 2016-005228-27 INTERIM: a randomised phase II feasibility study of INTERmittent versus continuous dosing of oral targeted combination therapy In patients with BRAFV600 mutant stage 3 unresectable or metastatic Melan... not-yet-due
Other 2018-004611-50 A randomised, two-arm (1:1 ratio), double blind, placebo controlled phase III trial to assess the efficacy, safety, cost and cost-effectiveness of rituximab in treating de novo or relapsing NS in pati... not-yet-due
Other 2019-003964-30 Biologics in refractory vasculitis (BIOVAS): A pragmatic, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, modified-crossover trial of biologic therapy for refractory primary non-ANCA associated vasculit... not-yet-due
Other 2020-001331-26 ChemoPROphyLaxIs For covId-19 infeCtious disease (the PROLIFIC trial) not-yet-due
Other 2020-001354-22 Multiarm Therapeutic study in pre-ICU patients admitted with COVID-19 - Repurposed Drugs (TACTIC-R) not-yet-due
Other 2020-002229-27 mulTi-Arm Therapeutic study in pre-ICu patients admitted with Covid-19 – Experimental drugs and mechanisms not-yet-due