These trials completed more than 12 months ago and should have reported results. Some have, some have not.

These trials are not yet due to report results: some are ongoing, some completed within the past 12 months.

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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Reported results 2005-000397-45 Randomised Controlled Trial Of Intravitreal Triamcinolone In Patients With Diabetic Macular Oedema Refractory To Laser Treatment 2006-11-28 due-trials
No trial status on register 2005-005197-78 A multi-centre, randomised, parallel group, cross-over study comparing the efficacy and safety of double versus multiple injections of Botulinum Toxin type-A (Dysport®), into the gastrocnemius muscle ... bad-data
Reported results 2005-006196-12 Epidural steroid injection in chronic, lumbar back pain; a cross-over, single-blinded study of Methyl-prednisolone 80mg versus Methyl-prednisolone 40mg. 2008-06-02 due-trials
Reported results 2006-004001-26 A Randomised Controlled Trial of Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block vs. Morphine For Pain in Fractured Neck of Femur in the Emergency Department: A Pilot Study 2010-08-09 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2007-000510-37 The effect of transdermal GTN on arterial size and procedure outcomes in transradial coronary angiography - pilot study. 2009-06-09 due-trials
Other 2007-001046-41 Effectiveness of GANfort® in reducing intraocular pressure in patients presenting with significantly elevated intraocular pressure not-yet-due
Reported results 2008-008291-14 Study of treatments in Pyoderma Gangrenosum patients 2013-04-17 due-trials
Reported results 2009-011382-80 Intravenous Iron: biomarkers and treatment strategies in anaemic Colorectal cancer patients. 2012-03-20 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2009-014280-38 A randomised controlled trial of standard and low dose Avastin® for Neovascular Macular Degeneration in the East Midlands 2017-03-31 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2010-022850-18 A Study of the the antiviral activity of Metformin as an anti-Hepatitis C virus agent in patients with chronic Hepatitis C virus infection. 2013-01-31 due-trials
Reported results Terminated 2010-022886-92 The effect of probiotics on the incidence of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in patients with cirrhosis and ascites. 2014-10-08 due-trials
Reported results 2010-023871-25 The FINOF(Femoral Nerve-Block Intervention in Neck Of Femur Fracture) Study 2015-01-05 due-trials
Reported results 2011-002185-21 An open label study to determine the efficacy of ferric carboxymaltose in preoperative colorectal cancer related anaemia, and to develop biomarkers to predict response to this treatment strategy 2014-10-20 due-trials
Reported results 2013-000209-22 A pilot study to assess the efficacy of intravenous iron isomaltoside 1000 (Monofer®) in the management of anaemia associated with the palliative management of upper gastrointestinal adenocarcinoma 2017-08-28 due-trials
Reported results 2013-000581-10 Evaluation of inflammatory markers in patients on topical anti-glaucoma drop therapy; a comparative trial of preserved and non-preserved primary medical treatment (eye drops) in patients with glaucoma... 2018-06-14 due-trials
No trial status on register 2013-001051-12 Early low dose steroids for adults admitted to hospital with influenza-like illness during a pandemic: a randomised placebo controlled trial bad-data
Reported results 2013-003563-58 A Phase II, single-centre exploratory study to assess the value of hypoxia imaging with [18F]HX4 PET/CT in predicting outcome for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck and non-small c... 2017-07-25 due-trials
Not reported 2017-000533-31 TReatment of Irritable bowel syndrome using Titrated ONdansetron Trial 2020-09-10 due-trials
Other 2018-001669-17 ICaRAS (IV Iron for Cancer Related Anaemia Symptoms) – A Feasibility Study of Intravenous Iron Therapy for Anaemia in Palliative Cancer Care. not-yet-due
Other 2018-001906-27 Feasibility Studies to Investigate the Role of Ursodeoxycholic acid in the prevention of Recurrence of C.difficile Infection not-yet-due
Exempt 2018-003595-13 Pilot dose conversion study of extended release tacrolimus, Envarsus from standard twice daily tacrolimus in paediatric renal transplant recipients. not-yet-due
Other 2020-000235-51 BCG+MM Trial Adding mitomycin to BCG as adjuvant intravesical therapy for high-risk, non–muscle-invasive bladder cancer: a randomised phase 3 trial not-yet-due