These trials completed more than 12 months ago and should have reported results.

These trials are not yet due to report results: some are ongoing, some completed within the past 12 months.

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Status Trial ID Title Completion date Category
Reported results 2011-001696-39 The inhibitory effect of metformin on gluconeogenesis in relation to polymorphisms in Organic Cation Transporter 1 (OCT1) in healthy volunteers 2012-12-31 due-trials
Completed, report not yet due 2019-002781-12 Using BCG vaccine to strengthen the immune system in the elderly and improve the response to influenza vaccine. A randomized clinical trial. Immunforsvar mod influenza 2022-07-05 not-yet-due
Reported results 2020-001888-90 Using BCG vaccine to enhance non-specific protection of health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. A randomised controlled multi-center trial. 2021-07-31 due-trials
Ongoing 2020-003904-15 Using BCG vaccine to enhance non-specific protection of senior citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic. A randomized clinical trial. not-yet-due
Exempt, with results 2020-004044-28 Flucloxacillin as an inducer of CYP-enzymes Kan flucloxacillin påvirke andre lægemidlers effekt? 2021-12-28 not-yet-due
Exempt Terminated 2020-005998-27 Interleukin-6 inhibitors and drug-drug interactions in patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis. 2022-09-30 not-yet-due